Books Worth Reading


The Old Man and the Boy,  Author: Robert Ruark

Henry Holt andCompany

A wonderful story of growing up in rural America in the 1930’s.  It was a column in Field and Stream Magazine starting in 1953 and I was reading every column as a boy of 10.  It seemed to me to be a lot like my own young life in many ways.  Open it anywhere and begin to read.  If you grew up as I did, you will find so many wonderful parallels to your own life.  And if you didn’t grow up in that world, you will surely wish you had.  Ruark’s introductory note:  “Anybody who reads this book is bound to realize that I had a real fine time as a kid.”


A Sand County Almanac,Author: Aldo Leopold   Ballantine Books


If there ever was a writer who could distill complex issues of the natural world, of conservation, of man’s need to interact with and sustain wild creatures and wild places down to just a few words, it was Leopold.  As you read you will discover complex ideas and feelings about the natural world which have been brewing and perculating around in the back of your own mind unformed and incomplete.  Leopold has precisely captured these thoughts for you and polished them to a bright luster.  You will think perhaps he has been reading your mind.  And if you have never had a thought about the natural woprld, Leopold will open that world to you.  It is worth the read for his writing skill alone.


Meditations on Hunting by Jose Ortega y. Gasset

This book is compilation of the author’s philosophical insights into hunting.  A wonderful treatise on historical and current assessment of hunting’s values and sources.  If one can bring Aristotle and Plato into such an assessment, I’d say it is thorough.  As a hunter, I found nothing incorrect but these writings did flesh out some of my subconscious and only partially formed ideas and concepts involved in the hunting experience.  Highly recommended.