Trophies-what are they? What do they mean?



Trophies. Why the Waterbuck and not the Kudu?


Trophies. They mean different things to hunters. Some chase record book Number Ones. Some want absolutely one of everything. Some only want a few. Some don’t save a trophy mount or enter their trophy in a record book but nail the antlers or horns up on the barn.… Read the rest

Dogs:  Who could go through life without them?

Dogs: Who could go through life without them?


Dogs are a part of my earliest memories.  I have never had a time when I didn’t have dogs, either my Dad’s dogs or my own.  They have almost all been hunting breeds and all used for the hunting ability in their genes and the endless capacity of those breeds to give affection, loyalty, and companionship. … Read the rest

Rhino Conservation – A Big Payday for Rhino Conservation by Some and a Sad Story about Misplaced Zealotry by Others

I am reproducing here an excellent piece written by Ben Carter, Executive Director of the Dallas Safari Club, in Fair Chase, the magazine of the Boone and Crockett Club discussing Rhino conservation, corruption, poaching, fund raising, and most importantly, the nature of misplaced zealotry and ignorance.… Read the rest