So, why this blog?

I am a 70 year-old geezer who has been a very, very lucky boy from infancy.  As a kid, I was blessed with a life spent wild and free on the land learning about all the wild creatures and wild places that surrounded me.  I had a dad, uncles, employers of childhood jobs who helped my eyes see the beauty of my world, indelibly imprinting upon my soul a hunger and a requirement for these worlds to surround me all my life.

I intend to share with and learn from others who have also experienced these things.  If you are so inclined, send me your comments and experiences.  My experiences and my passion for these creatures and places have set the course for many of my life choices.

It seems so selfish and unaware if this rich experience simply dies with me (or with “us” like-minded geezers.)  The world is so in need of beauty and its pursuit.  If sharing this allows the uninitiated to discover a new source of wonder and happiness, then we will have new allies to help defend and maintain the enjoyment and beauty of the natural world and its creatures.

There you have it!  It is a fleeting and ephemeral experience we are trying to catch and put in a bottle for others to see and understand.  Like a lightening bug.  How do you explain it to someone who has never seen it.  The best way is to catch one and place it in a bottle so it can be held close and observed easily.

But to try is all that can be done.  Off we go!